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This is all in flux. The goal is to create a MU* where people can roleplay Original Quest styled Elfquest, but with book characters (as much as I love reading River Twine Holt's fic!). The problem is, though, that the original quest setting is pretty stagnant. Elves tend to be reactive rather than proactive, and all the momentum comes from outside sources. So how do we make a MU* that won't just slowly die?

My personal solution is to kill off certain book characters and revive others so that the most reactive characters are leaders of each tribe, and then add in a significant outside influence to encourage play.

In this case, this would mean:
* Killing off Cutter. (Noo!) This could be in the Troll War or after the Troll War, it doesn't particularly matter - as long as Ember is too young to inherit the chief's knot. This would mean that Strongbow would likely take over as the Wolfrider's chief. Strongbow is a reclusive traditionalist, but the holt is in an area where all of their immediate neighbours are decidedly *not* reclusive. This would naturally lead to conflict in the tribe, between insular members and the more outgoing, but also between tribes.

lord Vol surviving would be the second main change. Winnowill does not take control of the Blue Mountain, and after they discover the Palace, they are able to use it to firstly return home. Under Vols leadership, the Gliders are slowly being ousted from the Mountains cradle, some more reluctantly than others, and forced into integrating and contact with both the awe struck villagers as well as the reclusive wildfires.

The third main change would be the entertain of elves from Sunholt. These would be a mix of pebbled and wobbled nomads with no real unified culture, except the shared annual gatherings where groups would meet, be created and dissolve. The presence of iron age ship Wrights from H earth stone would have driven them from the southern contingent up north, where b they are being forced into contract with the northern elves for the first time.

The iron age humans would have never seen elves before, and thus not have any set preconceptions. They want to assimilate the various tribes into the coalition slash empire that exists on H sandstone, and refuse to take no as an answer. Elves seen as another type of useful humans? Positive relationship with trolls so PCs have an incentive to play one?
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