Aug. 22nd, 2013

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Okay. To make out more interesting for people to play humans, which would represent the main antagonists of the mush, my idea is that we introduce a new faction of them.

Cue the Hearthstone humans! They'll be the Romans to the Iceholt's humans Gauls: more technologically advanced, with basic writing, nautical technology and consisting of a hundred different cultures united by a shared nationality. They arrive on the eastern shore of the Forevergreen and quickly begin colonizing and making their way across it, forcing the indigenous populations to assimilate as they travel - either willingly or forcibly.

The Hearth view the elves and trolls as just different types of humans - and in the case of the elves, ones that are unusually primitive, and thus unusually uninteresting. Subsequently, their interests are less in trying to assimilate the elves and more in trying to displace them from the vital resources of wood and ore, no matter the consequences.

The main Hearth settlement would be on the northern shore of the Forevergreen, and would be accessible at the ends of the plains area / around twenty days journey from the holt / center of the Forgotten Grove. Scouting parties puppeted by the admins or by players would be available for all PCs to scene with from the beginning, and one of the first major TPs could be a permanent settlement being created on the western coastline - and the tribes having to decide what, if anything, they're going to do in response.

The refugees:

The refugees as a whole represent the entirety of elves from Sunholt. They're not one tribe - they're the Sunholt diaspora, representative of every elfin attempt (and failure) to colonise the southern continent.

There'd be some major groups that the majority of refugees come from. One example would be the Plainsrunners, which would be semi-nomadic elves that live separately in family groups of 1-5 elves, but come together as a whole every year to trade / party / Recognise at an event called the Gathering. Others could be established semi-canon tribes, like Wolfhaven from the RPG book - descendents of Two-Spear that fled south rather than north and assimilated into the pureblood population.

However, there would be a number of characters would probably be from groups that tried to settle the continent and failed - tribes where there were only 2-6 elves left, and the majority were offed by the encroaching Hearthers, or their way of living was destroyed by their advancement.

This could allow for people to create their 'own' tribes without necessarily needing a tribe behind them. If someone wants to create a 'cat elf', then they could create a refugee from a wolfrider offshoot that, in the Forevergreen, adapted their bond from wolves to cats - and other PCs could follow. Two people might want to make Wavedancers, but one wants them to have flesh-shaped gills and the other wants them to survey the seas on rafts. Under the Refugee idea, both would be possible - and if enough players banded together under one idea, then they could create a tribe separate from the Refugees all together.

Certain restrictions would have to apply. My personal feelings are that there shouldn't be any animal-blooded elves except for the Wolfriders and their descendents, but certain genetic predilections should be allowed for. (Wavedancers that self-shaped all the original members and their descendents have gills - fine! Wavedancers that fucked fish and produced fishblooded offspring - not so much.) That's my personal biases, though!


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